Carlicious Parts have been using our Silicone Hoses & Air Filters with compressor company RUF to give various stage upgrade to VAG and V5 engines. They are a German based company and found our ASH silicone hoses fit perfectly into thier range of upgrade kits.

ASH Products used:

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Kit description & products from the carlicious website:

"All of our compressor kits are equipped with the latest RSC compressor of company RUF. It has an internal oil Chamber and therefore not how many other compressors on the oil circuit of the motor must be hung. (no annoying drilling the oil pan etc.) The RSC compressor has a high degree of efficiency, that he can be easily driven to 0.5 bar pressure without charge air cooler. (Ansaugtemp ca. 55-60grad under full load!) For higher versions we offer in addition a water intercooler, the intake temperature again to can reduce to 35 °. All holders and fasteners are precisely milled or laser. For further information..." Read More & View Products

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