Download Data Sheets below for Specifications on all Auto Silicone Hoses Products.

For any further information on any product please feel free to call us on 0844 8000 669.

Download Data Sheets from below for Specifications all Auto Silicone Hoses Products. For any other information contact us on 0844 8000 669.

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Polyester Reinforced Silicone Hose

Reinforcement is from four to five plys of medium duty knitted polyester fabric depending on the chosen diameter and expected severity of the service conditions. A “rubber only” liner is used to prevent the leakage which could otherwise occur due to exposed fabric on the inside of the hose. Hoses are available in our standard colours of Blue, Black, Red, and special colours can be supplied (see our products). Surface finish is shiny gloss for all colours with a matt cloth finish available on the Classic look hose.

Uses: vehicle cooling systems - cold side intercooler air hoses - and general industrial use within the temperature range of -55°C to +170°C.

Fluoro Lined Silicone Hose

Because silicone rubber is permeable to hydrocarbons, fluorosilicone liners are often used in automotive applications to prevent oil seepage through the hose wall. This seepage could otherwise swell and damage the hose and also leave a sticky deposit on the outside of the hose that attracts dirt. It has stable physical properties throughout the operating temperature range of –55°C to 250°C.  The fluorosilicone results in a product that does not become brittle at low temperatures or excessively soft at high temperature.

Uses: Fluorosilicone lined turbocharger and intercooler hoses are often specified for use on engines that have to meet Euro 3 and 4 emission levels and therefore have crankcase oil mist recirculated through the induction system.

Nomex Reinforced Silicone Hose

Silicone Nomex hoses of are available in various shapes that use a peroxide vulcanising system, high temperature stable iron oxide pigmentation and meta-aramid fabric reinforcement to achieve suitable working temperatures of up to 220°C and intermittent exposure up to 250°C.

Uses: Automotive turbocharger outlet, hot side intercooler hoses, and EGR connectors.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Silicone Hose

These hoses are reinforced with a fabric made from woven glass roving which unlike meta-aramid will maintain its strength at temperatures well in excess of 350°C. The silicone rubber used is an enhanced compound with additional stabilisers designed for extreme temperature use. Hoses made with these materials will work at 230°C continuously and will also withstand intermittent exposure to temperatures of over 300°C.

We do not recommend glass reinforced hoses for severe dynamic applications; metaaramid is superior in this respect although its temperature capabilities are slightly lower.

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